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Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector new regulations from 01/06/20


As of 1st June 2020 it will be law to ensure that all rental properties have an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) in place. All new tenancies must have an EICR by 1st July 2020 and any existing tenancies should comply by 1st April 2021. For further details:
If you have an EICR that has been carried out within the last 5 years, and all remedial works performed with written evidence, then you are covered, but you must ensure this is updated every 5 years (or less if Electrician has concerns), to remain compliant to the new law.

This report must be carried out by a qualified Electrician. Essential remedial works highlighted within this report must be rectified and written evidence kept as proof of work done. These remedial works must be completed within 28 days, or if deemed dangerous, as soon as practically possible.

A copy of this report should be given to your Tenant within 28 days, either by the Landlord or Agent. If requested a copy may need to be given to your local authority within 7 days. If you do not comply with these new regulations the local authority will issue an enforcement notice and possible fines.

Denis Bonnici Electricians Ltd would perform the appropriate tests to conform to the new regulations. Any essential remedial works highlighted on the report would be discussed with the Landlord/Agent and an estimate provided. Once the remedial works have been carried out we would re-issue the EICR as satisfactory and present a detailed invoice of works carried out.

PRICING: The cost of performing an EICR would depend on the number of circuits: Up to and including 5 x circuits = £120 + Vat. Any additional circuits @£15 each + Vat.
A visual inspection of smoke alarms would also be done at the same time to ensure they are within date (if date on unit).
Please contact us on 01323 642427 to make an appointment (Allow an average of 3-4 hours on site for testing).

The Landlords and Tenant Act 1985 requires landlords of properties with short leases to keep the electrical wiring in good repair and working order.
Insurance companies may also want evidence that properties are being maintained and tested in accordance with this act.

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