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What is a Surge Protection device?

At home or work, we are surrounded by Computers, Smart Phones, TV’s, Appliances and systems such as Fire or Intruder Alarms.

These devices can all be vulnerable to transient over-voltages, which can significantly reduce an equipment’s lifespan through degradation and time. Over-voltages can come from sources such as lightning and switching on or off inductive loads.

Client’s who work from home or any business could lose valuable and irretrievable data. Even with the assurance of back up devices, client’s could lose information which would cost them greatly.

Protection can be given to help prevent such damage through the inclusion of:

Surge Protection Devices (SPD’s)

TYPE 1 DEVICE : Recommended for areas prone to lightning strikes. Fortunately the South East of England is not in a ‘Hotspot’.

TYPE 2 DEVICE: Recommended for surges that can occur through the Electrical System,     this would help protect equipment within your home if installed at the Consumer Unit.

TYPE 3 DEVICE: Recommended to protect just the items you wish to protect, i.e Smart TV,  Computers etc. Either a Surge Protected Socket Outlet or a Surge Protected extension lead. These devices can also be used as additional protection in conjunction with Type 2 device.

If you would like to include a device at your Consumer Unit


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