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What is an RCD?

Extracts from Electrical Safety First.org

To those not keyed into the world of electricity, we wouldn’t blame you for not knowing about RCD’s and how essential they are to keeping you and your family safe at home. But don’t worry, because that’s why we exist; To make sure you can be as safe as possible in your own homes!
When fitted, an RCD (residual current device) will monitor your wiring throughout your home and will instantly disconnect an electric circuit if they detect an unbalanced/leaking current, therefore protecting you from any risks of electrocution or fires. Essentially they will switch the electricity off automatically if they detect a fault.
The amount of current that can leak through is more than enough to cause significant harm to anybody who comes into contact with it, including cardiac arrest. RCD’s can detect these leakages and disconnect the current in as little as 40 milliseconds to reduce the severity of any injuries.
The catch? There are none! There is literally no excuse not to have this lifesaving device installed in your home. RCD’s are so essential, especially when anyone is conducting any electrical work in your home.

A qualified Electrician cannot do any re-wiring or extension of circuits without this device in place as it would be in contravention of regulations re BS7671.

Not to be confused with a miniature circuit breaker, which is an overload device to protect cables only.

If you DO NOT have an RCD or RCBO (individual RCD combined with MCB)


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